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<b>HKS Pro Twin/Triple-Plate</b> комплекты сцепления
HKS Pro Twin/Triple-Plate комплекты сцепления

The HKS GD Clutch Pro is available in twin or triple plate applications; which are capable of handling 600HP and 1,000HP, respectively. Each GD Clutch Pro is vehicle specific allowing for bolt-on installation. Certain applications have an available slave cylinder rod that increases travel for enhanced pedal modulation.

Part N. Model Plates Type Engine Price
2604-RM001 EAGLE Talon TSI, AWD Only 1993-1998 Turbo; 7 Bolt Twin Push 4G63BT $1898
2604-RZ004 MAZDA RX-7 1987-1991 Turbo Twin Push 13BT $1999
2604-RZ005 MAZDA RX-7 1993-1995 Turbo Twin Pull 13B-REW $1898
2604-RM001 MITSUBISHI Eclipse GSX 1993-1999 Turbo; 7 Bolt Twin Push 4G63BT $1898
2604-RM002 MITSUBISHI Lancer Evolution 2003-2004 Twin Pull 4G63BT $1898
2604-RN026 NISSAN 300ZX 1990-1996 Turbo Twin Push VG30DETT $1980
2604-RN027 NISSAN 300ZX 1990-1996 Turbo Triple Push VG30DETT $2316
2604-RN020 NISSAN S15 Twin Push SR20DET $1850
2604-RN011 NISSAN S13 - S14 - S15(HKS 5/6) Twin Push SR20DET $1850
2604-RN021 NISSAN S15 Triple Push SR20DET $2201
2604-RN017 NISSAN S13 - S14 - S15(HKS 5/6) Triple Push SR20DET $2201
2604-RT003 TOYOTA Celica All Trac 1990-1993 Turbo Twin Push 3S-GTE $1879
2604-RT003 TOYOTA MR2 1990-1995 Turbo Twin Push 3S-GTE $1879
2604-RT004 TOYOTA Supra 1993-1998 Turbo Twin Pull 2JZ-GTE $1822
2604-RT005 TOYOTA Supra 1993-1998 Turbo Triple Pull 2JZ-GTE $2230

A key component delivering engine power to the drivetrain is the clutch. On highly tuned vehicles the stock clutch quickly becomes obsolete because it does not have the friction material nor pressure to hold and transfer the additional power. Therefore a high performance clutch is needed to support and deliver all the engine power to the cars wheels. From using the T-002 and R33 DRAG GT-R to develop, test, and research the technology and dynamics of power transfer, HKS has created the HKS Twin and Triple Plate Clutch kits to surpass the demands of a high performance clutch. Twin Plate Clutch kits are designed for 700hp street use applications and the Triple Plate Clutches can handle over 1000HP, which are designed for drag racing applications.

The HKS multi-plate performance clutch kits are vehicle specific Pull-Type racing clutch applications designed for street-car use. The multiple plate design allows increased friction area and direct power transfer, thus offering greater horsepower and torque holding capacity and light clutch pedal pressure for easier clutch pedal management. The use of rivet-less clutch disks allow for better durability, increased friction area and direct torque transfer, while maintaining a friction material that is both wear and heat resistant. Each multi-plate clutch kit comes with a lightweight chrome-moly flywheel optimizes durability and high performance. The use of very durable and lightweight chrome-moly material with a steel tooth ring makes it possible to construct a thinner flywheel without sacrificing integrity. The concept behind a lightweight flywheel stems from the desire to enhance low-rpm throttle response on high RPM horsepower applications. With the lightened flywheel in the HKS Twin and Triple Plate Clutch kits, a quick rise in RPM can be attained from light throttle input for easier RPM matching when downshifting and to counter low torque at low RPM levels. Though the main focus of the HKS multi-plate clutch kits is on ultimate power transfer and engine response, a stable idle and smooth driveability is still maintained. Each HKS Twin and Triple Plate Clutch kit is a complete vehicle specific assembly that allows for a bolt-on installation. Some applications have an available slave cylinder rod that increases travel for enhanced pedal modulation.
Стоимость детали: USD 1729.00
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